Campus Legends is the premier marketplace for buying and selling unique digital collectibles for collegiate athletes; both today's rising stars and the legends of years past.

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to our core mission of supporting athletes and empowering the fan community. As part of that mission, every sale of a digital collectible contributes directly to the athlete or school represented, whether it be a newly minted one-of-a-kind-card, or a secondary sale in our marketplace. Furthermore, a portion of all our company proceeds are contributed to a Fund for supporting former and current players in need, whether due to injury or other forms of hardship.

Our Difference:

You, the collector, are what makes Campus Legends different! Our unique focus on your needs, interests, social connections help us create the strongest community possible. A continuous flow of dynamically created Collections, with rewarding prizes for completion, also helps keep our members engaged. Technologically, Campus Legend's unique blockchain infrastructure doesn't require complex or confusing cryptocurrencies or onerous service fees.